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Bill Moos Talks Beasley Scoreboard, Early Signing Period, New Radio Contract

When Bill Moos speaks, people listen, making his live chats and radio interviews can't miss events whenever they occur. On Wednesday, Moos conducted a live-chat on the WSU Athletic Department website, fielding a variety of questions with topics raising from the Beasley Coliseum scoreboard to a new radio partnership in Seattle. His answers should excite the fanbase and give us an idea of his plans both for now and in the future.

On the Beasley Coliseum situation, Moos had outstanding news. A new scoreboard and video replay system is in the works, and the goal is for it to be installed by the 2011-2012 basketball season. In the past few years we've seen a new video board at Martin Stadium, as well as a new state-of-the-art scoreboard at Bailey-Brayton Field for the baseball team.

Tired of being unable to pick-up Cougar games on the radio in the Seattle area? Good news (perhaps)! Moos said the school should be announcing a new partnership in the next few weeks with a Seattle radio station. Who knows which one it is, but, hey, we may get something good out of this. From a publicity and exposure standpoint, this has the potential to be a great thing for WSU.

Finally, Moos joined Paul Wulff in calling for an early signing period in football in an effort to combat the late switches that seem to happen everywhere. We've discussed this at length before and my personal belief is that an early signing period would do little for football. For those that are locked-in, they'll remain locked-in. For those that are committed but browsing, they'll continue to weigh their options. It's more likely coaches would start to poach and recruits would just change their mind earlier.

At any rate, be excited about the scoreboard, radio deal and increased revenue coming to Wazzu -- yes, this will be making a comeback in stores, but not on official apparel worn by the teams.