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Reid Forrest For First Round Draft Pick?

Apparently, the reach of CougCenter knows no boundaries.

@CougCenter crew will be happy to know Reid Forrest here at NFL Combine. Reid loved the "Reid Forrest for Heisman" campaign. #firstroundlockless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Sprow is a Coug fan who I've e-mailed with periodically. Nice of him to check in with Reid Forrest for us. Although the Heisman voters failed to heed our wisdom, perhaps a new challenge is upon us.

Reid Forrest For First Round.

By the way, Forrest isn't the only Coug at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this weekend -- former center Zach Williams is there, too. Hopefully they can impress enough to get a shot from someone. It would be nice to have a draft pick again ...