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WSU Vs. Oregon State Quick Recap: Cougs Secure Road Win Over The Beavers

Hey readers, we'll be back in the morning with charts and awards, but for now enjoy the satisfying taste of an actual Cougar road win in Oregon.

Which, for some reason, is a rarity.

As much as we knock Faisal Aden for shooting too much, I'm awfully glad he shot from the free throw line in the final minute. In a game that had the final score and feel of a Bennett Ball contest, the Cougs nearly coughed up a 10 point lead late before hanging on for the win.

It's weird, but all the games have the same value. The win over Washington, the nightmare at Oregon... the nearly catastrophic finish tonight.

Now the Cougs have to prepare for a huge home series and the toughest road stretch of the conference year. But that's coming. For now, raise a glass to the breaks that actually went our way for a change.