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Super Bowl XLV Commercials: WSU Gets In On The Action With Flag Ad

We all know Bill Moos is a genius. Well, that genius just went to a whole new level today.

Moos had hinted at a commercial running during Super Bowl XLV supporting WSU. Well, here it is:

Goosebumps, people. 

I went ahead and took a trip over to to see what the site was all about. The commercial is nice, but this website is where the genius really comes in. When you click "register now," it takes you to a place where you can give up your e-mail address to "become part of the movement." Not so subtly below, you can also buy tickets or make a donation.

Then, I clicked on the "wave the flag" link. Under "Be in an upcoming Cougar ad," this is what it says:

We're taking this thing to a whole new level. Upload photos or video footage of yourself or a friend waving the Cougar Flag in an unlikely place. We just may use it in future TV spots, web videos, and even billboards.

You can purchase a Cougar Flag here if you like. Or, make one. Or have your grandma knit one. Or, lash your Cougar t-shirt to a stick. Just get out there and wave the flag! Then, come back to and upload your results.

The more fun or unusual your location, the better the chance we'll use it. We'd offer examples like, say, the 50-yard line of Husky Stadium, but that would be irresponsible of us.

There's more over there, but you can explore it yourself. Here's why I use the term genius: Rather than focus on our teams -- which are still building up to the championship level -- to drive purchases and donations, he's using us to drive our own donations. 

And it's going to work. It sure as heck worked on me.

I haven't dropped any money yet, but the moment I saw the ad, then went to the site, I was like, "DAMN STRAIGHT! THAT'S US!" For years, other schools in the Pac-10 have laughed at us, whether it's the football team, the small stadium, the miniature athletics budget, or whatever. But are anyone else's fans doing this? Hell. No. And I could give a crap if they understand why it's awesome. It just is. 

I'm sure Moos wasn't the entire brainchild behind this thing, but it's an extension of his general philosophy: We are awesome, and we should be walking around with our chests out. Who cares if it's just over a silly flag? It our flag. And it's our devotion that's represented in it.

I'm a Coug. Undefeated as a fan.

EDIT: Here's a longer version, which includes the planning stages the day before. Funny story: I didn't realize it when watching the ad (he was wearing a beanie and it's dark), but the guy in the commercial is a friend of mine from school who used to work at The Evergreen with me -- Craig Murphy. Way to go, Craig! Someone is officially my hero.