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Introducing The Newest Member Of The CougCenter Team

I won't keep you in suspense: It's Kyle Rancourt!

If we did fancy titles around here, his would be something like Managing Editor: Football Recruiting, or something like that. But since don't do titles, you'll just have to settle for knowing that Kyle's going to be overseeing our recruiting coverage here at CougCenter going forward.

Those of you who were around on signing day will remember the expertise he brought to our coverage that day. While it wasn't designed to be a tryout, it gave Kyle the opportunity to show us just what he could bring to the table, and he stepped up in a big way. Given that we've been actively thinking about handing the recruiting stuff over to somebody and given the fact that I already knew Kyle could write well -- and in a way that would diversify the "voice" of CougCenter -- this was a natural match.

So, congratulations, Kyle. Welcome to the team.