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About The Authors: Kyle Rancourt

Greetings. As most of you know, my name is Kyle Rancourt. I’m the newest author here at CougCenter, and I’ll be focusing on recruiting. If you were a part of our Signing Day chat, then I humbly thank you, as that was a big reason I was given this opportunity. While I certainly did my homework, a lot of it was just interacting with you guys; and you’re all super awesome.

I most likely won’t be posting as often as the other guys, but if there’s breaking news regarding recruiting, you can count on me. Also, if something hilarious happens, or Randy Estes and Shelton Danzy surface in an attempt to win Dancing With the Former Recruiting Stars, I’ll get on the Bat Computer as soon as humanly possible to post.

As far as my background in writing goes, it’s long and prestigious. I mean, you don’t wind up on the staff of the Mount Vernon High School newspaper without being a budding wordsmith. Also, I have my own personal blog where I talk about random things, review movies, and curse a lot. So you should probably stay away from that, because it's mostly NSFW.

(Side note: I wasn't going to link to my blog at all, thinking it was inappropriate. Then Nusser linked to it this morning and I thought, mwahahahahahaha. Now the flood gates have opened. FTW)

I’m currently a junior at Wazzu majoring in Sociology (with a minor in Business). I’m way older than you think, though. I wanted to take a year off when I graduated High School in 2002, but one year turned into two. Then two years turned into six. I took the time off and traveled around the country, living in four different states. I ultimately decided I had enough of being a nomad, and moved home. I met my girlfriend shortly thereafter, and we’ve been dating for over two years. She’s the one who encouraged me to quit my job and go back to school, so you should all thank the future Mrs. Kyle for that one. While I would have loved to live in Pullman, Mrs. Kyle’s job is in Bellevue. Asking her to quit and move with me would be unfair. Also, she makes bank and is totally my Sugar Momma. So, there’s that.

I played baseball growing up, and that’s my first love. I was awesome defensively, but I was worse offensively than Jack Wilson. So, basically … Jack Wilson. I did play with a few guys who are in the majors now, though. My career highlight is getting a double off of Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick when we were 11 years old in Little League. That he struck me out the other 5 times he faced me is irrelevant.

When I'm not tracking down YouTube videos of 17-year-old football players, I enjoy relaxing at home. I play Xbox quite a bit, have been known to win a hand or two in poker, and generally pwn the competition while playing Dominion. Yes, I'm a nerd.

I hope to make everyone laugh, cry, and generally feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. If you want to follow me on Twitter (@KyleRancourt), well, gee, that’d be swell, too. I look forward to banning all of you at some point in the very near future. I love you all like a neighbor who I want to borrow stuff from, but never want to talk to. No, I don’t know what happened to your circular saw. Go Cougs.