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Press Conference Tuesday: Ken Bone And Donnie Marbut

It's that day of the week. Here are the videos, courtesy of the WSU sports information department, of the respective teleconferences of basketball coach Ken Bone and baseball coach Donnie Marbut.

By the way, we never recapped the weekend's baseball action and still don't really have time to, but if you're curious what went down in the doubleheader on Saturday, check out Brett Gleason's WSU Baseball Blog (game one here, game two here).

Video after the jump.

EDIT: Vince Grippi wrote down some of the highlights in his post, and something stuck out to me:

Asked about his expectations, Bone said in terms of wins and losses, this team is about where he thought it would be. Of course, some of the losses were disappointing but a couple of the wins made him ecstatic.  

Bone was hammered by Ian Furness and Jason Puckett on KJR last week after an interview they did with Bone for him saying that this team was about where he expected it to be. They never really asked him what he meant, then flamed him for his answer. This is what he meant. And I think it speaks to the questions raised in Grady's post below.

When we say this is an average team, that's exactly what we mean.

Ken Bone

Donnie Marbut