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Washington 89, WSU 87: Cougs Fall In Quarterfinals Of Pac-10 Tournament

Is this it?
Is this it?

It was frustrating at times. It was brilliant at others. It was never dull. And it didn't end the way we wanted it to.

I'm talking about tonight's game, but I could just as easily be talking about Klay Thompson's career at Washington State.

We don't know for sure that it's over. My feeling - and I suggest you do the same - is that I'm preparing myself for a 2011-12 season without him. He made a big mistake last week, but he also showed great maturity in owning up to it. He followed that up with a record-breaking performance tonight. I wouldn't say he's 100% ready, but he's earned the right to cash in on his success if he so chooses.

Make no mistake, Klay would benefit from another year at WSU. He could make himself a Top 10 pick in the NBA draft. He could get a college degree. He could fully redeem himself for the ugly ending to this season. The NBA will always be there.

But it's not my decision. It's up to Klay, and we just have to carry on as a fanbase if he decides to take his talent to the next level.

I don't have much else to say about the game other than there was virtually no defense outside of forced turnovers, and in a lot of ways the Cougs were the better team tonight. It just so happens that unlike the first two meetings, the Huskies actually made their open jumpers. Great timing.

It actually was a phenomenal basketball game, especially for the casual observer. For the loser, it was going to hurt, and the Cougs ended up on the wrong end of the result.

Sometimes in sports, the wins aren't there. So, as a fan, you just have to enjoy what you had. We had something special in Klay Thompson, and nothing can take that away from WSU.

Player of the Game: Klay Thompson

Right Hand Man: Faisal Aden

Unsung Hero: DeAngelo Casto

It was over when... Klay Thompson's basket to bring the Cougs within one went down... but left only 0.4 seconds left on the clock.

Stat of the Game: Klay Thompson's 43 points