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PAC-10 TOURNAMENT: Semifinals Open Thread

Yeah...I don't really care anymore either. But for consistency's sake, here we go!

Previous Meetings: Arizona won 82-73 at home, USC won 65-57 at home.

KenPom Predicts: USC wins 66-65 with 52% confidence.

USC might earn themselves an at-large bid with a win here.  That's all the analysis I got for you.

Previous Meetings: UW won 87-69 at home, Oregon won 81-76 at home.

KenPom Predicts: UW wins 84-73 with 83% confidence.

Is Oregon really as hot as FSN says they are? I've never found Joevan Catron to be all that attractive and E.J. Singler doesn't exactly have classic good looks.

Discuss Away!