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Join The CougCenter Bracket Challenge!

EDIT: I've moved this up to the top to give everyone one last chance now that the play-in games are in the books.

Back by popular demand, it's the annual opportunity for you to laugh at the CougCenter authors by whaling on us in an NCAA Tournament bracket contest! Can you live up to the standard set by defending champion WSUScottie?

I decided to use Yahoo! this year because, A) I remember not liking ESPN last year and liking Yahoo! the year before, and B) The few people who responded to my question on the other thread indicated that Yahoo! was their preference. So here we are.

Here's how you join:

  1. Go here.
  2. Click "Join a Group."
  3. Click "Join Group."
  4. Sign in or register.
  5. In the Group ID box, type 85367.
  6. For the password, type rpisucks
  7. Create your bracket, following one simple rule: The name of your bracket must be your name on CougCenter. This makes it a lot more enjoyable, because then everyone knows who they're competing against.

That's about it. Any problems, let me know. We've been able to do gifts the last two years because community members have donated surplus memorabilia to the cause. I don't know if we'll be able to do that this year, but at the very least, you'll get some serious bragging rights.

Any questions, leave them in the comments.