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2011 NCAA TOURNAMENT: Previewing The Pac-10's Chances With 18 And Life

Seth Kolloen of and I got together for a little chat on 18 And Life, our Pac-10 basketball podcast, about how the conference fared on Selection Sunday and what the prospects of Arizona, Washington, UCLA and USC are in the 2011 NCAA Tournament. We also talk a bit about the chances of WSU in the NIT.

You'll have to listen to the full podcast to find out what we truly think, but here's a sneak peek: We're not real confident that even one team will make it to the second weekend. But you could be surprised when you find out which team we think might have the best shot. 

You can listen to the audio via the player below, or visit our podcast page for myriad ways to subscribe to all of our audio. You can also find us in the iTunes directory under keyword "eighteenandlife."