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2011 NCAA TOURNAMENT THREAD: Day 1, Morning Session

I just thought this picture might blow your mind this morning.
I just thought this picture might blow your mind this morning.

It's time, folks. Here are the games that will be on today - you can find a complete TV schedule here, or just watch the games on your computer here

Will the Tigers be awake? I actually picked them to pull the upset this morning

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Which Butler team will show up? This team has been almost as inconsistent as WSU -- the Bulldogs just had the benefit of playing in the Horizon League. Still, last year's experience counts for something? Maybe?

Morehead. Heh.

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I got nothing snarky to say here. Maybe I should just make a crack about Joe Paterno's age?

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If the Wildcats weren't in the same region as Ohio State, I probably would have picked them to go to the Final Four. Given the way Oklahoma State dismantled Harvard, I don't really expect this one to be even remotely close.

This won't be the first 16 to upset a 1.

SPIDERS! COMMODORES! Best matchup of mascot names in the first round? I say yes. And there's a large possibility this is your 12/5 upset.

Yeah, not thinking the Bears have too much of a chance in this one.