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2011 NCAA TOURNAMENT THREAD: Day 1, Evening Session


The Gauchos! The Gators! The Grandeur!

It's time for the JIMMER! Can he get the other Cougars out of what may be the weakest region of the bracket? Wofford is one of two teams with the nickname Terriers in this tournament.  The WSU Cougars used to be the Terriers (or something close to that) way back when. Analysis!

Hooray for Five seeds who have a good weekend and become three seeds!  Can Kemba Walker continue his tournament magic?  Does Bucknell have a live Bison mascot?  Will I be extremely disappointed if they don't?

Stay tuned.

Belmont is much loved by Mr. Pomeroy's numbers.  They beat the crap out of everyone, except when I was in attendance.  Luckily for them, I won't be in attendance today.  Sorry, Badgers.

Is Michigan State good because they lost to a lot of good teams?  UCLA FINDS OUT TONIGHT. 

I hate UCLA, but GO BRUINS!

WSU beat Gonzaga by approximately 400 points this season. WSU beat Long Beach State by 11.  Gonzaga must be turrible!

Go "Red Storm!"

I dream of a day when "Wazzu" is as well known as "Mizzou." 

What the hell is a bearcat and can I have one?

The dreaded 12-5....where the 12 might actually be better than the 5!  Why are teams from Utah so good at basketball?