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WSU NEWS AND NOTES: Would DeAngelo Casto Really Turn Pro?

Well, this is enough to potentially ruin any joy you'd get out of watching the tournament today and dreaming of the Cougs being there next year.

Ken Bone joined Jim Moore on 710-AM in Seattle yesterday, and Moore asked him about the team right now before venturing into next year's team. What Bone had to say will startle you. You can listen to the entire interview here (hat tip to Vince Grippi for the heads up this morning), but this is the relevant part:

Moore: If Klay [Thompson] returns, there's no reason you guys wouldn't be a Pac-12 title contender, is there?

Bone: Well, we need more than Klay. It would be helpful if DeAngelo [Casto] is back, and I'm not positive on that. Ah ...

Moore: What, is he thinking about going to Europe?

Bone: Well, he's had those thoughts. I mean, he's got a child now, and he has no money whatsoever. He has no real family support. So, there's been those thoughts. But ... I'm just saying there's a chance - there's a chance - he won't be around. We're hoping he is, we think he will be, but it's not a for sure thing.

Moore: You think it's 50/50 right now, Ken?

Bone: Ahhhh ... yeah, I think that's fair to say, yeah. I think that's fair to say that yeah, it's about 50/50.

Think about the idea of next year's team without Thompson and Casto, then think of Arizona State this year, and then feel free to brush your teeth after you get done throwing up. Ugh.

Last thing here for you. The baseball team opened up a big series with No. 17 Fresno State with a 7-5 loss. Adam Conley struck out a career-high 10 in his 6 2/3 innings of work, but he also gave up all seven runs.

Those of you who value the "earned runs" statistic will note that Conley only gave up three of those. However, it was the inability to get a big out in the fourth that led to four of the seven runs. The Cougs had a chance to escape the inning with no damage, but an error with two outs prolonged the inning, then Conley gave up a walk and a triple.  

The offense had its chances, too, but also couldn't come up with the big play at the right time. They loaded the bases down two runs with two outs in the eighth but failed to score, then threatened in the ninth with runners on first and second and one out, but Jason Monda was thrown out at the plate trying to score on a singe. A long flyball ended the game.

The series picks up again tonight at 6:05 p.m. PDT. Lefty Bret DeRooy makes his second start for the Cougs after a strong showing against Utah Valley State. You can follow the action on GameTracker or via Fresno State's webcast if you have CBS College Sports' XXL membership.