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We've done some furious collective whittling over the last few days, and our giant chunk of 64 teams is now to a more manageable, but less exciting, 32-team size.  The good things about round 2 (or round 3 as the NCAA likes to call it - but screw them this is round 2) is that there are generally more quality match-ups and less chance for blowouts.

The downside to that is there are less blowouts, and less time for us to have quality conversations on important topics.

If you haven't noticed, the theme of this week is the kids I work with.  I made a trivia game for them yesterday and the final question required them to name all the teams in the tournament from Tennessee. 

One kid asked, "Is Kentucky in Tennessee?"

Next Game

We all dream of an epic fight between a bear and an alligator.

Richmond is likely to win this, but that doesn't mean we can't root for Morehead!


We should all root for Pittsburgh just to avoid having to hear anyone says, "The Butler did it."


Will Jacob Pullen's intravenous line help or hinder him today versus the Badgers? Are you sad that it will have more NCAA tournament minutes than all of us combined?

I'm really confused by the time of this game.  It's going to start at almost 10:00 local time in D.C.  The last game in Denver starts 5:45 local time.  Why not switch some of those games around so people don't have to stay at the arena until midnight?  We saw some a lot of empty seats last night because of late games.

Anyways, as for the matchup, it is a huge second round Big East Tournament game.  Both teams are looking to improve seeding.