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2011 NCAA TOURNAMENT THREAD: Day 4, Morning Session

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Yesterday was fun.  Can any of these games top the ridiculousness of the the Butler-Pitt ending? 

Can any of our subthreads top a 20 comment discussion on the merits of diet soda?

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This is your closest match-up of the day in terms of KenPom rankings and Pomeroy has it as his best "FanMatch."

I'm sure Carolina fans are wondering how there are so many schools in the D.C. area, and why they always get matched up with them in the tournament.

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Michigan Wolverines
@ Duke Blue Devils

Sunday, Mar 20, 2011, 11:45 AM PDT
Time Warner Cable Arena - Charlotte, North Carolina

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Duke is always the most boring tournament team. 

If the game is close the commentators will say things like "George Mason is trying to relive the glory of 2006."  Maybe the fans are.  Maybe the coaches are.  But the players are not. They don't care what happen in 2006, they weren't on that team.

Texas is probably underseeded.  That isn't good for Arizona.