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WSU vs. Oklahoma State: Cougars Take Down Cowboys, 74-64

It may not be the Big Dance, but the Cougars are now a win away from Madison Square Garden.

I have work in the morning, so I'll keep this brief. The Cougars did exactly what they needed to do: play a stifling 2-3 zone and take away Oklahoma State's inside game (and subsequent ability to draw fouls).

As for the WSU offense... it was just a matter of making shots and giving Casto enough touches to give the Cowboys fits.

It gets much tougher now. Northwestern is a phenomenal offensive team with questionable defense. The Cougs need to attack the inside, attack the inside and attack the inside. The Wildcats are 325th nationally in two-point field goal defense. If their offense wasn't borderline elite, they wouldn't even have sniffed the NIT. Not to mention go down to the wire at home with #1 Ohio State.

This is the Cougs' final exam on campus. Pass this, and the reward is a trip to NYC... and a chance to hang a banner in Beasley Coliseum.

Player of the Game: Klay Thompson. 21 points, 8 rebounds, creates for everyone else.

Right Hand Man: Brock Motum. 17 points, on a very efficient 6-for-9.

Unsung Hero: Marcus Capers. 2 of 4, 5 boards, 2 blocks.

It was over when... Motum hit that reverse layup late in the game

Stat of the Game: 20% 3-point shooting from Oklahoma State. It's sad when the other team dares you to shoot the three and you still struggle mightily.