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DeAngelo Casto's Suspension Lifted By Athletic Director Bill Moos

DeAngelo Casto's suspension has been lifted by Washington State athletic director Bill Moos and Casto will play tonight as the Cougars take on Northwestern in the NIT. Casto had been suspended following an investigation that turned up marijuana at his residence late Monday night, following the Cougars' win over Oklahoma State in the NIT. Casto was cited for marijuana possession on Tuesday night after meeting with Pullman police and his attorney at the station.

Vince Grippi tweeted the news, though we don't know the specifics of the new information.

WSU AD Bill Moos lifts DeAngelo Casto suspension, citing "new information that has been brought to my attention." Casto will play tonight.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Moos said he felt the best course of action was to let the legal system run its course in this case, due to "unique circumstances."

"There has been a great deal of discussion regarding DeAngelo and his situation over the past 24 hours," Moos said in a media release. "There are unique circumstances involving this matter and I feel the appropriate avenue to take is to allow the legal system to run its course before we consider further action."

Again, we have no idea what new information was brought to Moos' attention or why the suspension is lifted, but Moos, not head coach Ken Bone, chose to drop Casto's suspension, at least for now. We do know Casto is contesting the citation and his attorney had appealed the suspension earlier in the day, though no changes had been made as of this morning.

So, with four hours until game time, it appears the Cougars will have a full compliment of players as the story keeps getting more weird.