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2011 NIT: WSU Vs. Northwestern Open Game Thread

Since we last me in game thread land, things have been pretty crazy in these parts.

The big question heading into this game might be how much DeAngelo Casto will actually play. His suspension has been lifted, but that doesn't mean that Bone won't hold him out for awhile like he did with Klay Thompson against Arizona State.

Amongst all the distractions, there is still a lot of excitement to taken from this game. A win sends WSU to Madison Square Garden for the NIT Semifinals. In what has been a very frustrating season filled with some very high "highs" (pun really wasn't intended and only realized after re-reading) and very low-lows, a trip to the Big Apple would be a pretty cool way to cap it off.

The game can be found on ESPN2 (if the preceding game runs long, check ESPNU) and

Go Cougs!