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WSU NEWS AND NOTES: Cougs Pick Up Commitment From Big Man DJ Shelton

Lots of news out there today, so I figured I'd throw it all your way with a little link-post action.

It's been listed elsewhere on the site, but the news of the day is reporting that the basketball team has picked up a verbal commitment from 6-9 junior college forward DJ Shelton. He comes from Citrus College in California by way of Cal State-Fullerton, and he'll have three to play three.

I'll have a full scouting report on him before too long (probably later tonight), but here's the short version: Long, athletic, pretty decent rebounder, raw face-up offensive player. Some have compared him to DeAngelo Casto, but I'd say he's more of a taller James Watson.

Of course, what you really want to know is if Shelton's going to make a big difference next year, and I'm afraid the answer is no. 

Meanwhile, WSU's current main big man is the centerpiece of an apparent war of words between his attorney and the Pullman Police Department. The Pullman PD has now said that one of the reasons they intervened at the house is because they saw a child on Casto's lap. Indignation ensues.

Casto attorney rips actions by police in marijuana case - - March 25, 2011
"Allegedly there was marijuana in the house," Esser said in a phone interview. "OK, how many millions of houses have marijuana in them, how many millions of houses do children live there? I think trying to link that and making something more out of it is really a cheap shot."

All of this has put Ken Bone in a pretty awkward spot, but to his credit, he's always a straight shooter. And he didn't deviate from that when he joined Mitch Levy on 950-AM in Seattle this morning. He talked about the marijuana issues (he's really unhappy about it and promises significant changes), Klay Thompson's pro prospects (he believes there's a better chance than not that he heads to the NBA), and how painful it was to miss out on the NCAA Tournament.

One interesting thing of note: We get our first hint as to what the "new information" was that led to Casto's suspension being lifted. When asked about it, Bone simply noted that Casto isn't the only one who lives in his residence. 

He also makes great point about the achievements of this year's team that I think a lot of fans miss out on: We tend to focus most on the tough losses we were unfortunate to lose when we assess this team, but you've got to acknowledge the close victories where we were maybe a little fortunate to win. Definitely worth 20 minutes your time to listen to:

Additionally, here's some video of his pre-NIT teleconference:

Ken Bone Press Conference 3/25 (via WSUCougarAthletics)

Last thing on Casto. Bud Withers, a WSU alum who has been on this college beat for a long time, offers his take:

Bud Withers | WSU basketball team's pot problems raise plenty of questions | Seattle Times Newspaper
Somehow, the message of coach Ken Bone isn't getting through. Merely from a pragmatic standpoint of taking pains not to get caught, the Cougars have stretched the bounds of credulity. It's not unfair to question whether that sort of laxity hasn't fed into a team that's been up and down on the floor this season.

Lost in the shuffle of all of this stuff with the basketball team is that it's spring football time. Here are a couple of stories if you've already moved on to the prolate spheroid:

Cougs RB Rickey Galvin ready to play after recovering from injury last season - - March 25, 2011
"So far he’s showed what he showed in last fall’s camp," Paul Wulff said. "He showed some flashes of some great things. But still, here’s a guy who hasn’t played a college snap, excuse me, he’s played one. Might as well be none. "He’s got to continue to work."

Some WSU football on a hoop night - SportsLink - - March 24, 2011