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Klay Thompson Arrested, Cited For Marijuana Possession

Lest we Cougs enjoy anything too much, please feel free to come crashing down from your high of beating USC right about ... now.

Klay Thompson was arrested, cited and released late last night when an officer found a small amount of marijuana in his SUV during a routine traffic stop. Take it away, Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant:

Tennant said the officer smelled marijuana and Thompson was the only one in the vehicle, but the WSU Junior denied having any drugs. 

Thompson was arrested and officers found a small amount of marijuana in the SUV when they searched the vehicle after obtaining a search warrant, Tennant said.     

I couldn't be more pissed right now if I tried. 

It's possible the drugs weren't Thompson's, just like it's possible the pipe wasn't Reggie Moore's. It's possible someone else had been smoking, and his car smelled like it. Forgive my righteous indignation, but is this really so hard? DON'T BE AROUND DRUGS AND YOU CAN'T EVER GET BLAMED FOR DOING DRUGS. DON'T HAVE THEM IN YOUR ROOM. DON'T HAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR. EVER. EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER.

No word yet from the school on what Thompson's status is for tomorrow against UCLA, but really, does it matter? I've defended Thompson to the ends of the earth. There's no defense for this. This -- at best -- is just patently stupid.

Although, I guess I'll give him this credit: At least he didn't run.