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Ken Bone: Decision On Klay Thompson In 'Next 24 Hours'

WSU coach Ken Bone held his weekly teleconference with reporters a day early today, and he immediately addressed the status of suspended star Klay Thompson by saying, "Nothing has changed there at all. A decision will be made within the next 24 hours."

That was this morning, so I guess that means we'll know by early Tuesday.

Bone did offer up some thoughts on Thompson's apology, saying, "It doesn't the seal the deal obviously, but it's a great step in the right direction. I think he's very sincere and I think his apology came from his heart. I can't imagine that being an easy thing to do for a young man. We as a staff really appreciated what he had to say."

Although Bone wouldn't budge with anything definitive, he seemed to hint that the suspension would be lifted after one game when asked if Reggie Moore's previous one-game suspension would play into his decision.

"I need to be consistent with what I've done and this is a first-time offense," Bone said. "It's a misdemeanor. It's the same as if he received a DUI. It's breaking a rule in regards to our team. And we're going to be consistent with how we deal with those situations."

At this point, I think we'd all be pretty shocked if Thompson doesn't play on Thursday.   

As for Reggie Moore? Basically, it's up to the training staff to clear him. Bone said Moore's displayed toughness in the past, and that gives him hope. 

Cross your fingers on both fronts. Video from the press conference after the jump.