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CougCenter Meet Up

Spring Break on the Palouse is this upcoming weekend, so I'm sure most of you will be headed to the west side of the state. Had I realized when the break was sooner, I probably would have changed my plans. However, Mrs. Kyle has yet to officially visit Pullman, so we're still making the trip.

The Cougar baseball team takes on Utah Valley this weekend, and if you're around, you should stop by. Consider this the first official CougCenter Meet Up of 2011.

We plan on making it to Pullman around noon on Friday, and then hitting up Cougar Country for lunch. I need to visit the CUB and get my Student ID before they close, but other than that, I'll be free all weekend. If you're interested, I've listed my phone number after the jump. Shoot me a text if you're going to be there, and we can get a Buffalo Wild Wings chant going.

Friday's Game: 5:30pm

Saturday's Game: 2pm

Sunday's Game: Noon


(425) 260 - 7895