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WSU BASKETBALL: What Grade Would You Give The Cougars For This Season?

In his end-of-the-year press conference (which you can watch below), Ken Bone was asked what grade he'd give his WSU Cougars. He said B+ or A-.

Since I'm not above blatantly copying someone else's great idea -- thanks Jason Puckett! -- I figured I'd put the question to you and let you talk about it: What grade would you give the 2010-11 WSU Cougars?

Personally, I'd give them a B. I've talked before about how I don't think much of the talent as a whole on this team, and that's why I won't go as low as I'm sure a lot of you will. This is a flawed roster with a lot of limitations imposed on it by the previous coach's system and recruiting decisions, and I'm of the mind that it was actually a pretty damn good coaching job by Bone to get this team to within a game of an NIT championship.

So why, then, didn't I go higher? Arrests, for one. You have to wonder what kind of a toll that took on the team. Also, just the general malaise that seemed to set in with the team at times. This team's talent probably could have gotten itself a couple of more wins if it had had its head screwed on straight, and that might have been enough to put it in the NCAA Tournament.