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Washington State Football Greatest Plays Video Brings Back Fond Memories

The Washington State athletic program continues to roll out more marketing materials this week, including its own slogan. "Honor the past, live the present, build the future" has become the mantra of the Cougars this week, beginning with the new uniforms unveiled on Monday. Part of embracing the past is reliving some of the magical moments that make us all proud to be Cougs. And Washington State did an excellent job putting together a highlight package with some of our fondest memories from the football program's better days.

It's just four minutes of highlights, but all those memories come flooding back in an instant. From Drew Bledsoe's throw and Phlilip Bobo's catch in the Snow Bowl to Will Derting's interception return and Drew Dunning's game-winning kick, the best moments from the past two decades are all there (H/T Cougz4Life509 for posting it as a FanShot).

This is what we mean when we say the athletic department is taking marketing seriously. A highlight video is simple, but all part of the process. It invokes nostalgia and reminds fans of better days. It gives fans a taste of what it was like to be at the top and is a subliminal way of saying "open your wallet, get us back to this spot."

And it's a great way to honor the past and, for a moment, remember happier times.