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Klay Thompson Declares For 2011 NBA Draft To Test The Waters

We've all expected Klay Thompson to declare for the 2011 NBA Draft and at least test the waters for some time, but on Monday he made it official. Speaking to reporters on a conference call, Thompson said he plans to enter the 2011 NBA Draft, but will not hire an agent as of now.

Thompson has been mulling the draft since the season ended and came to a decision with his father, Mychal Thompson, over the weekend. The two had planned to sit down and discuss his options, though it's been all but assumed the younger Thompson would at least enter the draft, but not hire an agent, leaving open the possibility of a return to WSU.

Mychal Thompson has made it clear Klay would likely stay in the draft if he's guaranteed to be a first-round pick, which seems almost certain right now. Thompson's has been rising recently and with the number of top-end prospects electing to stay in school one more year, the time would seem right for him to make the jump. Though the 2011 NBA Draft class is good, the 2012 class appears to be incredibly loaded, boosting Thompson's chances of receiving a first round grade in early evaluations.

We'll be back with much more on Thompson, the NBA Draft and what future he may face. Check back for quotes and a wrap-up of the conference call, as well as what this means for Thompson, the Cougars and what he may find when testing the waters. In addition to the coverage here, I'll be tracking Thompson and the 2011 NBA Draft at SB Nation Seattle. I'll be along shortly with a fun feature about the NCAA's ridiculous rules and how they affect talented prospects.