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Here's an updated version of the 2014 CougCenter Recruiting Database. This is a place where you can go to find anything you need about the guys who have verbally committed for 2014.

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If you want to sort guys by position, state, etc, check out the sortable chart. Really very cool. (Hint: Where it says "Showing: All Rows," click "Options" to play around with the different kinds of filtering you can do.) If you guys find something that's no longer correct (a recruit listed as a 2 star when he's been bumped to a 3 star, better positional ranking, etc) feel free to contact me at rancourtkyle at gmail dot com. I try to update this often, but sometimes I miss things. Your help is appreciated.

The Recruits

If you'd like to view this first spreadsheet in its own window, you can do that here.

If you'd like to filter the data (e.g. only show running backs, only show four-star recruits, only show three-star recruits from California, etc.) play around with this chart -- it's pretty cool.


Click on each placemark for more information about the recruit.