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HOW TO TIE A TIE: Tony Bennett Edition

It's Easter Sunday and thousands of men across the country are reaching deep into their closets to find that little used piece of silk in hopes of looking presentable for their once-yearly trip to church.  The problem many of these men discover is that once they have said piece of silk in hand, they have absolutely no idea what to do with it.  They scramble to figure out what to do, usually resorting to searching on Google for instructions.  This often leads to some very sloppy knots.

Washington State once had a coach who participated in a similar yearly ritual.  Tony Bennett was famous for his lack of neckwear while roaming the Cougar bench, and on Senior Night he would buck his trend and don a fancy tie to honor his graduates.  Tony was smart about it, he did the high school athlete thing and left his ties in knots hanging from hooks in his closets.* Unfortunately, he didn't use this time saved to recruit big men that can rebound.

*Yes, I made that up.  I do that on occassion.

However, once Tony moved on to "oranger" pastures (leaving many Cougs who had bought 'tie one on for Tony' shirts out in the cold), he was forced to dress a little more professionally (1 million a year doesn't require you to wear a tie...but 1.7 does!).  The ACC is big time, not like the small potatoes league out here on the Pacific Coast. Tony's new found professionalism has led to success on the basketball court, as Tony has won 12 more ACC conference games in the last two years than he did in his three years as WSU's basketball coach.

So in Tony's tie-wearing honor, and to honor all of you who pulling your neckwear out of the mothballs this Sunday, I offer you this instructional video after the jump.