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NFL Draft 2011: Reid Forrest Draft Week Begins

This week, you'll be seeing NFL Draft coverage on CougCenter. But why would a Washington State blog, which covers a team boasting no significant draft picks, follow the NFL Draft. The reason is simple, and should be familiar to long-time readers of the blog. You've seen the Reid Forrest for Heisman campaign before, but it's time to take it to a whole 'nother level.

This week, the CougCenter crew has its sights set on something bigger. Reid Forrest for first round is the name of the game, and we'll be campaigning for our punter all-around football threat throughout the week. From rumors to news to mock drafts, we'll be covering it all while extolling the virtues of one Reid Forrest.

The Carolina Panthers only think Cam Newton is the biggest game-breaker in the draft, but we know better. The most versatile player in the draft does not hail from the S-E-C or any of your traditional powers. He hails from the Palouse.

So don't be alarmed at the draft coverage. It all serves a purpose and will be coming to you live from CougCenter: Your home for all things Reid Forrest.