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2011 NFL MOCK DRAFT UPDATE: Could Dallas Cowboys Be Looking To Make A Splash?

Late-breaking rumors as the first round of the NFL Draft is finally underway at Radio City Music Hall in New York: Rumblings out of Dallas suggest the Cowboys are suddenly in the mix for the top player in the NFL Draft, forcing us to update our mock draft accordingly:

"Jerry Jones loves to make a splash, and there would be no bigger splash than taking Reid Forrest at No. 9," one NFL scout told CougCenter. "It's no secret the Cowboys have a lot of needs on offense, and Jones believes Forrest could fill all of them ... simultaneously."

What is it that Jones loves so much about Forrest?

"Jones envisions forcing through a rule change where kicking the football over the giant scoreboard results in an automatic first down," the scout said. "And goodness knows, if anyone can do that, Forrest can."

Meanwhile, Jones played it close to the vest when approached by

"You don't get rich and famous and good looking like me by spilling all your secrets," Jones said. "Let's just say I've got a trick or two up my sleeve tonight."

Here is our updated mock draft with the new information:

  1. Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton, QB
  2. Denver Broncos: Von Miller, LB
  3. Buffalo Bills: Marcel Dareus, DT
  4. Cincinnati Bengals: A.J. Green, WR
  5. Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Peterson, DB
  6. Cleveland Browns: Robert Quinn, DE
  7. San Francisco 49ers: Prince Amakamura, DB
  8. Tennessee Titans: Blaine Gabbert, QB
  9. Dallas Cowboys: REID FORREST, P/QB/WR/RB
*Obviously, we've been having some fun with this this week. If you want to have a serious conversation about the draft, feel free to use this as you event thread. We don't mind.