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Aire Justin's Career At WSU Ends With Substance Violation

Well, here's a fun bit of news for a Friday: Cornerback Aire Justin's career at WSU has officially come to an end because of a violation of the NCAA's banned substance policy, according to the school. Any violation carries a minimum 365-day penalty from the date of the failed test, and he had only one year of eligibility remaining.

Because of privacy laws, no information was released about the substance in question. But Paul Wulff's statement makes it clear it was some sort of supplement issue:

"Aire made a big mistake by not following the guidelines our athletic department has in place," Paul Wulff said in the school's release. "This is not the way we want our team to operate. This is an issue I take very seriously and will continue to educate our student-athletes on proper nutrition and strongly reinforce to all our student-athletes the importance of following departmental procedures."

This isn't a huge blow for the Cougars, as Justin was likely to begin camp as a backup corner behind the likes of Damante Horton and Nolan Washington. Justin had shown flashes of productivity, particularly in terms of interceptions, but it was questionable whether he could truly push for a starting spot.

However, let's all be honest: A team trying to rebuild from the very bottom can't afford to lose any talent whatsoever. The depth just isn't there yet.

Another fun fact! This marks the second such violation for WSU in the last 18 months -- then-defensive-lineman-now-offensive-lineman Dan Spitz tested positive late in the 2009 season. Raise your hand if you can remember another school having even one violation.

Me either.