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The final game of the 2010-2011 season is here and it is your run-of-the-mill 3 vs. 8 match-up for the championship.  Matt Howard and Kemba Walker will be locked in a battle of basketball stars who don't really look like they should be so awesome at what they do (I'm referencing Kemba's size and Howard's...everything).

It's so strange that Butler is here again.  If Gordon Heyward would have came back I would have said there is still no chance they make it back to the title game.  Apparently they didn't need him, because Shelvin Mack has been on fire and he is as important to his team (maybe even moreso during the tournament) as Walker is for Connecticut.

Technically, UConn is actually the the more surprising of the pair.  They were not even ranked in the preseason (Butler was).  So who really is the underdog here?

If Butler is involved, it seems that it is likely to be a close game.  They are always in close games.

I'm sad college basketball is about to leave us.  I'll miss you, buddy.