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Zack Williams Drafted In 6th Round By Carolina Panthers

After going through the entire 2010 NFL Draft without having a player selected, WSU finally ended its drought when offensive lineman Zack Williams was selected on Saturday in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers.

Williams is the first player selected since wide receiver Brandon Gibson was picked in the sixth round by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009.

I would imagine most WSU fans didn't consider Williams much of an NFL prospect over his two years, given both the overall performance of the offensive line and his injury troubles in 2009. But he tested out reasonably well at the NFL combine, showing the kind of ability that causes teams to take a late-round flier on guys. Via

Williams has the aggressiveness and build to become a solid backup guard /center in the NFL as his skill-set continues to polish up. However, he does not possess the athleticism to start. Flashes the ability to sustain and move defenders off the ball but needs to watch his pad level and hand usage.

One thing Williams has going for him? The Panthers were so atrocious on offense that he'll likely be given every chance under a new coaching staff to prove that he can contribute to the team's new direction.

In what appears to be a setback, punter Reid Forrest did not hear his name called yesterday. However, we all know that's because of a super-secret arrangement between NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Forrest to place him where it will benefit the league the most. Clearly, collusion is the only way to explain the events of the last three days.

Don't worry, Reid. Your secret's safe with us.