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Louis Bland Arrested For Drugs And A Stolen Stop Sign

Just a few days after we learned Louis Bland would be out for the 2011 season with a nagging knee injury, we've now learned his been arrested for possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and possession of stolen property. Bland was set to undergo another surgery on his knee, putting his career at WSU in doubt, but his latest arrest brings up a variety of other issues, none of which have to do with football.

The report comes from ESPN Northwest. Police came to Bland's residence for a noise complaint, smelled marijuana, obtained a search warrant and found quite the haul.

Police obtained and executed a search warrant at the home and found misdemeanor amounts of marijuana along with a powdery substance and pills which will be sent to the state crime lab for identification. A stolen stop sign was also reportedly found in the home.

A few days ago, I guessed Bland's career was over due to a knee injury that just wouldn't heal. Now, after his second arrest in three months, we can probably assume his career is over for his off-field problems. After a promising freshman year, it's been all downhill for Bland, it seems, and it sure looks like this is the end of the road.

It'd be awesome if our athletes could stop getting in trouble for drugs because this is getting a wee bit embarrassing. In fact, we passed that point months ago.