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Klay Thompson Works Out For Sacramento Kings, Faces Marijuana Questions From GMs

Klay Thompson was in the Bay Area on Saturday, working out for the Sacramento Kings and meeting with the media after going head-to-head with Alec Burks, another top-prospect in the 2011 NBA Draft. While Thompson was modest -- saying Burks got him in the team game and he was just a bit better in the one-on-ones -- all I've heard is that he's been performing well against Burks during workouts thus far. The two have been matched up numerous times, and Thompson seems pleased with the work he's put in.

Thompson has been in the Bay Area recently, working out for both the Kings and Golden State Warriors. In the latest round of 2011 NBA mock drafts, Thompson to Golden State has been a popular choice. Nate Parham, my resident Warriors fan and writer at SB Nation Seattle, took a look at Thompson and how he'd fit with the team. While Thompson is one of the most skilled players in the draft on the offensive end, he may not be a fit with the Warriors, Parham said, though it's less about him and more about the pieces the team has in place.

Jon Santiago, of SLAM and SB Nation Bay Area, passed along a video of Thompson following the workout, and a familiar question comes up. Sam Amick, an excellent NBA reporter whom I respect a ton, hit Thompson straight-up with questions about his marijuana arrest while adding some general managers believe he's still using. The question comes at about 4:40.

He handled the question well and addressed it head-on, just as he has since the arrest. He plainly shot it down, said he's fine being tested and that he doesn't want to risk it or do anything to keep him from his potential. But it is disappointing the question keeps coming up and that some general managers, apparently, don't believe him.

Thompson has showcased his skills during the workout process and is moving up the draft boards along the way with just days to go until the draft. He has one more workout left -- with the Utah Jazz -- before resting and relaxing ahead of the big day.

And for that big day, Thompson will reportedly be in New York City, another good sign for his draft stock. Jeff Hironaka tweeted Thompson has been invited to the draft, though we haven't heard anything further about whether he plans to attend or what he'll be doing on draft night.

We were told Klay was invited to NY for the draft. We all wish him well and hope he is a high pick. It will be great to see him on stage.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

It's looking good for Thompson and we'll find out soon where he'll be playing professionally. Where he ends up is anyone's guess, but it's looking more and more like he'll be a lottery pick and may end up close to or within the top-10.