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770-AM Will Be The New Radio Home Of WSU In Seattle

In what is nice -- but mildly disappointing -- news for all Cougar fans on the west side of the state of Washington, WSU Athletics Director Bill Moos announced Wednesday on the Kevin Calabro show that KTTH 770-AM will be the new home of the Washington State radio network in Seattle starting this fall.

Exposure in the Puget Sound area has perpetually been a major issue for WSU athletics, and despite the fact that this wasn't the hoped-for deal with ESPN 710-AM, this deal will indeed work toward alleviating that.

It's a three-year deal, according to a release from WSU. It will feature full internet streaming of all football and basketball games, which I know will be welcome news to those of you outside of Washington. WSU also will get a weekly, hour-long segment on the Kevin Calabro show, "a dedicated section on and, full-time streaming of football and men's basketball games, along with podcasts of games and related Cougar Athletics programming on both KTTH and 710 ESPN Seattle," according to the release.

For those of you, like me, who were hoping Moos would be able to pull off a deal that would revolutionize WSU coverage for those of us on the west side of the state? No dice. I just tuned my radio to 770-AM and I have no reception, so I guess those of us south of Tukwila will continue to have to try our luck with the cigarette lighter that is KHHO 850-AM.

We'll be back along later with some more analysis of the deal. I'm not going to lie -- I'm a bit disappointed this is the best we could do. But I'm open to the idea that this was, indeed, the best we could do, a question I'm going to put to an Seattle-area industry expert on the podcast later tonight. Be looking for that.

And we'll post a link to the full Moos interview when it's available at the show's site.