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Top Ten CougCenter Moments, #10: The One That Got Away

It may seem crazy, but this little weblog is nearing its third birthday.  In celebration of this event, we will be running a series of the best CougCenter moments of all-time.  The definition of "moment" will be loosely used here, and may be a single comment, a game, and or even an entire week.

Don't stress too much about the order I will present them in, the numbers are really just a way for me to keep track of how many I have done. In fact, this thing isn't exactly super planned. If you find yourself reminiscing about one of your favorite CougCenter moments in the comments and see that event on the front page the next day, don't be surprised (if you catch my drift).

/smiles to self knowing he isn't blatantly asking for help

For the first moment, we head to the archives for the origin of one of the most long-lasting memes in CougCenter history.  In fact, based on the subject of this meme, I anticipate it will carry on for at least three more years.  For that, we have only one man to thank: the imitable Brian Herch.

Herch's SB Nation commenting career spanned just two weeks in the month of April 2010, but his in-depth analysis, unique voice, and unrivaled use of the one-sentence paragraph has allowed him to leave a legacy like none other.  He was a bit of a one-trick pony, focused mainly on a single player, but his impact goes beyond that of 95% of the people who comment on this site.

After the jump, we take a look at Brian Herch's career work, and evaluate his assessments and declarations.

Herch made his way on the CougCenter scene in a subtle manner.  First, by making passing comments on the commitment of Emerson Murray to Cal.  This was, of course, all a build up to his crowning achievement, and one of the most influential pieces this site has ever seen.

Herch went against society's trends and guidelines.  Announcement of Chad Arnold as Pac-10 Pitcher of the Week?  The perfect place to express your opinion on Emerson Murray. Need 75 words for a fanpost? Just use lots of exclamation points and extra lines between sentences. Think those UC folks are a little snobby about their school system? Take them down a notch with a completely intentional "Cal State" jab. Herch's SEO genius was also a secret talent, as CougCenter routinely garners several "Emerson Murray" search queries a day.

I would be remiss if I didn't highlight the expert analysis that Herch provided on Cal's freshman guard.  Most of his thoughts were encompassed in the aforementioned fanpost and a single comment on California Golden Blogs. This only adds to the legend of Herch, whose ability to be succinct is something that even the best writers struggle with.

We'll take a look at Brian's work FJM style.

Cougs lose one of the best from 2010!

Oh thank goodness, I was really worried.  2010 has already passed, so it looks like we are in the clear!  2011 didn't exactly treat Murray all the well, posting a 30.3 turnover rate and a 72.5 offensive rating.

Sleeping at the switch!

Emerson Murray one of the best combo guards in the class of 2010 goes to Cal State.

What switch? Is there some sort of recruiting switch that college coaches have kept secret all this time? Is Brian Herch an insider? Which coach was at the switch when Emerson Murray came across the board? Is WSU keeping that from us? Why is there so much secrecy? Which Cal State is he going to?

I would rate him top two!

He combines a great personality with athleticism and game that is  unparalleled
at his level.

TOP TWO? Now I'm really angry at Bone's staff and this unnamed coach who was manning the recruiting switch. This kid was in Brian Herch's top two! BRIAN HERCH'S. 

He has a great personality? That's what we say about ugly people. What does Brian Herch have against flat-tops?

It is electrifying to think how he will blossom with the proper coaching.

That and with some  great talent  with the ability to anticipate the play.

Electrifying? This is starting to sound unsafe. I'm starting to realize why Ken Bone passed on this kid.  I don't know if even a "top two" talent is worth putting all of Beasley Coliseum in danger 15 times a year.

Cougs Snooze Bears Schmooze

He is a poet as well? I'm beginning to think Mr. Herch was the real "One That Got Away."

In the 2009 Provincials he was awsome.

Haha. Canada.

The hotter the competition the better he plays.
Plus he was robbed of the MVP.
It was the first time in the history of the tournament that the winning team didin’t have the MVP.Politics you say!

The hotter the competition?  No wonder he wanted to go down to California! People are so much more attractive there, what with their tans and all.

I can't believe they could rob such a great personality of the MVP award.  Also, I'm concerned that Herch started having a stroke earlier.

Saw his final two gmes this year and the coaching at St Georges was pathetic.
Talk about a class act he puts his arm around their coach and thanked him.

Definitely a stroke.

Of course, this wasn't strictly a great CougCenter moment because of Brian Herch.  Our community took his analysis and ran with it.  Many commenters still like to utilize Herch's signature catch phrase "asleep at the switch."  In the initial thread, we got a glimpse of angry Nuss and Coug999's MS Paint and poetic abilities (what a renaissance man).

So Brian Herch!

Heres to you!

CougCenter authors asleep at the switch!

Letting you go!

Immeasurable writing  talent   with great abilities!