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CougCenter Hidden Cameras Uncover Shocking Footage

With the majority of high school graduation ceremonies complete, members of WSU's 2011 recruiting class have begun to arrive on campus.

Reports this week indicate as many as 21 members of the 2011 class are already on campus and enrolled in classes. A few years ago, the arrival of incoming freshman would be accompanied by stories of kickers tied to goalposts and linemen wearing Hello Kitty backpacks around campus. Those stories, thanks to the NCAA's crackdown on hazing, are a thing of the past. Or so we thought.

Late last week we received a call on the CougCenter tip hotline with information a few veterans on the team were planning hazing ceremonies. Never one to pass up a good tip, Jeff decided to invest the thousands of dollars of profit from the recent Samsung advertising campaign on a series of spy cameras which we hid around campus. 

Being the newest author, it was my job to sift through the hours of video looking for anything suspicious. The following video is the shocking hazing footage our cameras uncovered.



NOTE: Like any respectable spy camera footage, this video contains slight nudity and some inappropriate language so take this as a not safe for work warning.