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WSU-Oregon State At Qwest Field: Ticket Links, Seating Chart

Tickets for the WSU-Oregon State game at Qwest Field in Seattle on Oct. 22 went on sale about an hour ago, and if you're so inclined to want to get your own set of tickets, you can do so here. Base prices range from $5 to $70, with $8 added on for a "facility fee" and "convenience fee." So, really, you're looking at $13 to $78 a ticket.

One of the real weaknesses of the ticketing system I discovered this morning there is that there is no link to the seating chart on the ticket page. But with a little help from a friend on Twitter, we eventually found it. Here you go:


It also doesn't tell you exactly which seats you've purchased, which is sort of weird and not great, but it's what we've got to work with. I bought four tickets in the Coug Zone to take the whole family. I don't know how long those will last at $13 apiece, so if you're budget conscious like me, I suggest getting on it quickly. The site is still showing some left as I type this.

C'mon guys. Let's fill the place with Cougs. And if you bought your tickets, tell everyone in the comments below.