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WSU Football Recruiting: Jordan Pulu, LB From Federal Way, Becomes Third Commit

Late Sunday night, Federal Way's Jordan Pulu became the third player to commit to Paul Wulff's class of 2012, joining David Bucannon and Dalen Jones. While he is currently unranked by Scout, that's not necessarily a telling sign. Most players aren't scouted this early unless they are the very best. When Bucannon went crimson two months ago, he too was not ranked. Now he's a 3-star prospect.

Recruiting isn't an exact science by any means; this, we can all agree on.

The good news is Pulu has size. We aren't especially deep with experience at linebacker, and it's nice having someone who isn't 180 pounds and playing out of necessity. At 6'1 and 235 lbs., he's already bigger than every linebacker on the roster save Alex Hoffman-Ellis.

Pulu is also the younger brother of former UW player Andru Pulu, who was dismissed from the team for curb stomping someone. I think I speak for Coug fans everywhere when I say, gross. I also can't help but think of American History X.

With the standard caveat being that all highlight tapes are designed to make a player look good, and that his competition isn't exactly Pac 12 talent, this kid made me say "holy s&*#" more than once. His ability to time the snap count was scary (although a better QB would have gone to the hard count to make him jump offsides, but I digress) and even when he didn't time it right, he still just bulldozed over the offensive lineman. He certainly plays like he has a mean streak, which is a very good thing. Sort of reminds me the of way Will Derting would attack the ball carrier with the there's-no-way-you're-getting-one-more-yard-so-just-go-down-now-or-I'll-rip-your-face-off type intensity.

And no, I'm not comparing him to Derting. But, he is number 51 in this video.

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