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WSU Football Recruiting: Jackson Twins Become Ninth and Tenth Commits.

According to Justin Hopkins' twitter, and later confirmed by ESPN, the Cougs have landed a pair of players who resemble each other very closely. Rashad and Vershad Jackson are twins from Marshall HS in Missouri City, Texas. Rashad is a WR while Vershad is a CB. Both, oddly, are the same height and weight. Huh. That's strange.

I started looking for video but couldn't stop looking at their profiles because OH MY GOD THEIR KID 'N PLAY HAIR IS AMAZING. I give this signing an enthusiastic two thumbs up on hair alone. If I weren't 104% sure Mrs. Kyle would stop speaking to me, I'd go to Great Clips right now and ask for it.






I know I've been all Debbie Downer lately with the recruits we've been getting, but holy cow. These guys are just fantastic. Rashad is the higher rated of the two, but I actually like Vershad a little better. Rashad played QB, but is listed as a WR, and Vershad said both of them will play CB at WSU.

Get all that?

Basically, Rashad playing QB is a classic case of "in HS, let your best athlete touch the ball" syndrome. He's way too small to play QB in college (both are 5'10, 175), but I could see him running some Wildcat or being used in trick plays.

Besides awesome hair, these two have something that we desperately need an influx of: speed. They have the ability to close in on a receiver even after they've been beat. Once they get an interception, their ability to simply out run the guys trying to tackle them is what sets them apart.

Go back and watch the video. They both just hit that extra gear when they see someone take an angle on them. Vershad is going to be the more polished of the two because he's been playing corner forever, and Rashad has been playing offense primarily. In a perfect world, they'd redshirt to get accustomed to our playbook and hit the weight room. However, these two have a chance to see the field as freshman.

I know I've been killin' Paul Wulff lately, but in this author's estimation, he hit it out of the park with these two kids.

Plus, if one doesn't pan out, we've got the other as a fail safe! Odds! (Kidding. Sort of?)

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