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In Which A Young Cougar Fan Emboldens The American Spirit


Via Ben Golliver

Sadly, he only goes partway. Much like the American women were denied their dream in Frankfurt, we were all denied the first full-on truffle shuffle in World Cup history.

Nevertheless, Cougar Nation applauds your moxie and your boldness to do what few young men would dare. Play on, player.

If you didn't see the game, or are in the too-cool-for-school sexist mode of "womens sports suck lol", you missed out on one of the greatest finals in World Cup history (men's or women's). And it was an absolute stomach punch for the Americans. Twice. I liked our coach's tactics, but both times after going up a goal we failed to pressure the Japanese at midfield, essentially playing the soccer version of a prevent defense. And, everyone, what does the prevent defense do? It prevents you from winning. Sigh. Let's not even talk about the disaster that was our penalty kicks.

Be glad it was classy, fundamentally sound Japan, and not Brazil. My typing that sentence literally caused Marta to dive to the ground 3,000 miles away from me. She is now rolling around in feigned agony.

I had to go to Harry Potter afterwards, and then I'm headed to Lakefair tonight, to lift my spirits.

But back to the moment .giffed above. This was the reaction from inside the room.

"Hey, a Coug shirt!! Look!!"


[awkward silence]

And, my favorite response of the day, from EDSBS mastermind and SBN's very own Spencer Hall:

@edsbs: Of course the fat kid had a Wazzu shirt. By law, they are at every sporting event anywhere around the world.

Undefeated fans indeed.