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Congratulations, Brian Floyd

On March 24, 2010, a devoted CougCenter reader named Cougfan made his debut on the site as a writer with this piece on spring football.

As of yesterday, July 1 -- just over 15 months after that first post -- Brian Floyd is now a full-time editor for Trust me when I tell you that SB Nation doesn't have a lot of full time employees; for him to be brought onto the payroll is a testament to the value he brings to the company. Not bad for a guy with a computer science degree and virtually no writing experience when he started such a short time ago.

To say I'm incredibly proud of what Brian's accomplished in an incredibly brief amount of time would be an understatement. Brian's a testament to where passion and hard work can take you, and I've derived a lot of joy out of watching him grow.

I can take credit for recognizing his enthusiasm, but the rest of it is all him, and I'd be lying if I said this is how I thought it would turn out. Nearly 300 stories for CougCenter. Contributor to SB Nation Seattle, where he did such an amazing job, they made him editor of the site. Part-time contributor to, where he again did such an amazing job, they made him a full-time employee. You get the picture.

Not much will change on our end, but if you were wondering why Brian's posting hasn't been as prolific in the last six months as it was in the first nine or so, now you know. He's been a little busy.

Please join me in congratulating him. He's earned it.