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WSU Football Recruiting: Moritz Christ, OL From Germany, Joins Class of 2011

I love SB Nation's photo tool. This chick is eating the "Bron Burger" which was created after LeBron James signed with Miami last year. I wonder if the Bron Burger makes you choke?

I just typed in "beef" and ~70 images popped up. What? How? Some of them involved NASCAR, which makes about as much sense as Mrs. Kyle constantly asking for a cat. NEWS FLASH, LADY: IF YOU KEEP POSTING CUTE PICTURES OF CATS PLAYING WITH TOY MICE AND RUNNING AFTER A LASER POINTER, I'LL PROBABLY EVENTUALLY LET YOU HAVE ONE.

Oh, yeah. We kinda sorta got a new recruit? I mean he's new, but he's not? He's counting towards the Class of 2011, which may not seem like a big deal for 2012, but that's just one less spot. We have 10 kids already committed (ok, nine and a half) which means we'll have something like 17ish spots left, depending on attrition.

After the jump, I promise not to evaluate the player in question because I am by no means a professional talent evaluator. I mean, I know you guys are tired of listening to me drone on and on, so I'll just start posting links to his videos and information.

Psych. I'm going to evaluate the crap out of this kid. Plus, with a name like Moritz Christ, God has to be on our side, right? NO RELIGION TALK, KYLE.

Now, the first thing you need to realize is he played almost exclusively in Germany. I made fun of the competition in Canada because it's not as good as it is in the States, but German football (not to be confused with German futebol) gets made fun of by British football, which gets made fun of by Canadian football.

So there's almost nothing we can take away from his highlight video other than "holy cow he's huge". He had a few Michael Oher in The Blind Side moments where he just kept blocking until he basically killed the guy, but watching this tape is like watching a video of me pwning Nusser on NCAA Football 2012 and saying, "Boy that Kyle sure can call plays."

There is upside, however. He's a giant human being (6'4, 300) and reportedly benches close to 400 lbs. He has quick feet for someone his size, and he looks like he has a mean streak. All of these things are positives. He's super, super raw, though. He'll 100% redshirt (might even greyshirt) just to get used to the speed of Pac 12 football. I like this pick up because, hey, who knows, right? In four or five years, maybe the kid will be nasty and make our line better.

Let's not get carried away with expectations. Depth is always a good thing (especially on the offensive line), but this kid is going to need a long time to develop.


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