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(7) June Daugherty vs. (10) Zack Williams: Coug of the Year First Round

COTY keeps on truckin', with a potential upset special. This one should get interesting.

(7) June Daugherty


I guess it's darkest before dawn, huh?

For those of you who don't follow Cougar women's basketball closely, I'll fill you in. On January 6th, the women's basketball program had essentially confirmed my long-held belief that it is cursed. The Cougs' loss to Oregon put them at 0-3 in conference and a horrific 2-13 overall. This included the downright travishamockery of a 77-38 loss to UC Davis (later a 16 seed in the NCAA tournament... but c'mon).

The Cougs would then catch fire (as much fire as a maligned program can ignite)... going on to win three of their next four in Pac-10 play, and six of their next ten. That might not seem exceptional, but consider for a moment that the Cougars had only won six conference games in a season one other time this millennium (2000-01). Also consider that from Fall 2001 to Spring 2005 the Cougars only won five Pac-10 games. Total. This program has been to depths that modern science once thought unreachable. Now, finally, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. And it's all thanks to June Daugherty.

Oh, and her replacement at the UW? Ask a Husky fan about how that went.

(10) Zack Williams


The 203rd pick in the NFL Draft, and WSU's only player to hear his name called in New York. As football is still king in college athletics, I fully expect this to be a 7-10 upset in Williams' favor. It is quite strange, though, that our one and only draft selection this year would also come from the unit that caused a good deal of our troubles that last three seasons. Let's hope the next few years feature more Zack Williamses and less [insert underperforming lineman here].

Now that the lockout's over, there's another Coug playing at football's highest level. Never a bad thing.