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WSU Football Recruiting: Travis Gardner, WR from California, Becomes 'Eighth' Commit

My buddy Jason shot me a text earlier:

"Cougs get another commit. He's a WR."

Normally, I'd stop whatever I was doing and make sure to come post about it. When you're watching How to Train Your Dragon with Mrs. Kyle and a 10-year-old, though, other stuff takes a back seat.

I did the dishes, made sure the little one brushed his teeth and picked up his room, and sent him off to bed. I sat down in the recliner, opened my laptop, and proceeded to check out the newest High Schooler to pledge his allegiances to WSU.

Wow, was that as boring to read as it was to write? Probably. But I'm just sort of in a haze right now as I'm some combination of tired and extremely underwhelmed at the kids who keep committing.

I know, I know. I'm too negative. I'm too pessimistic. I should think of the children. But how many times can we get a commit from a hidden gem? How many under-the-radar type guys are we supposed to get excited about? I don't expect to get 5-star super recruits, but I expect to get more than kids who were deciding between us and New Mexico.

Travis Gardner (WR/ATH, Eastlake HS, Chula Vista, CA) is 6'2 and 180 pounds. He played both ways (and even punted!), but projects as a wide receiver/return guy. I like his shiftiness and lateral quickness, but nothing jumps out at me as off the charts. He's a super duper athlete, as he plays football, basketball, and runs track. So, I guess ... a really poor man's Tana Pritchard? At the very least, he should be a quality Special Teamer.

I don't hate this kid. Depth is never a bad thing. Any teenager that wants to play for my school is a smart kid in my book. However, I refuse to get super OMG WELCOME TO WAZZU! excited for every single recruit we get. The kid has one other offer currently, and it's from the Lobos of New Mexico.


Remember how I got upset out of nowhere about how you guys were bringing up Wulff's contract when I made a post about a specific recruit? I just didn't think it was relevant in any way. I was talking about a specific thing, and it shouldn't have turned into a broad topic.

Well, now, you can turn it into a broad topic. It's only July, so no one should jump off a cliff about recruiting, but we currently have one guy who I think is a legitimate prospect. ONE! The other guy who would be a legit prospect is Bishop Sankeying us into a better offer, so he doesn't really count.

I'm not trying to trash Travis Gardner. He's probably a great kid, and I'm glad he wants to play for the Cougars. Welcome aboard, Travis. This post isn't really about you, though. It's about a much larger problem that I have no idea how to solve.

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