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Introducing: Paul Wulff, Coffee Face

As many of you remember from this February, I posted an assortment of screenshots of our dear Paul Wulff during his recruiting recap press conference. You can go relive that magic here.

For those that were fortunate enough to watch the SMU game last year, you were a witness to Wulff taking a swig of some sort of disgusting coffee/Gatorade/Diet Rite blend that made his face turn instantly sour. Everyone died of laughter, but there was no online feed of the game, so a GIF was not possible.

FEAR NOT, my dear CougCenter readers. I took care of the video and screenshots, and Yaaaardsma Mark took care of the GIF.

You will not be disappointed. Trust me.

"Well this certainly tastes peculiar."

"Why does this taste of lavender? DAMN YOU BONE, YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS!"

"This smells like Spencer Waseem's bathroom in beverage form."


"Frozen dog poop? But wouldn't it melt before the students got a chance to actually throw it?"

"This tastes how Softy smells."



In case you're wondering, Softy smells like three-day-old sauerkraut.