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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Fall Camp Day 10 Recap

Before fall camp started, I came up with an idea to compile a list of storylines and assign them Vegas style odds. Over/under 3.5 freshmen play vs Idaho State, who will be the number one running back on the final depth chart, things like that. The idea was to give each of you $200 fake betting dollars, you place your bets in the comments then I track the whole thing in a spreadsheet and declare a winner. Then I got distracted by a series of weddings and fall camp started before I could finish.

The reason I bring this up, is one of my proposed prop bets was the likely fall camp outcomes for C.J. Mizell. There were six proposed outcomes including +7500 odds that he would be named team captain at the end of camp. He hasn't been named captain yet, but those odds would be much lower today. Take it away Cougfan.

Mizell told CF.C he was happy to be back with the 1s, but he knows that he needs to continue to study and get better. He added that he worked steadily on his work ethic over the summer, and is working on becoming a vocal leader for the defense in 2011. 

"They're calling me ‘The General’ now so I've got to lead the troops," Mizell said with a smile. "I'm trying to be very vocal and let everyone know that I'm here with them and continue the hype and enthusiasm up because when we do that we make a whole lot more plays." 

Just think, if I hadn't gotten busy some of you could be Internet rich.

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PULLMAN -- After a needed day off from the gridiron, the Cougs jumped right back into action and looked sharp on Tuesday morning. Paul Wulff was pleased with the Cougars’ performance while LB C.J. Mizell, based on his own performance this camp, has moved up the depth chart, Wulff announced. On Tuesday, Mizell hopped back in with the 1s and was, without question, the star of the day on defense.

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