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Introducing Cougar Sports Weekly

My wife will tell you that I love new projects. That's not always a good thing, as I get these crazy ideas in my head and then go nuts trying to make it the very best thing it can be.

Let me introduce you to Cougar Sports Weekly, my newest crazy project.

Cougar Sports Weekly is an email newsletter, written by me, delivered directly to your inbox each Monday morning. CSW will recap the week that was in WSU Cougars athletics with the kind of insight and analysis you've come to expect from me here. As a bonus, you'll also get a shorter Friday edition that will preview the weekend's slate of Pac-12 games.

Some of the content will be made up of things I was writing for CougCenter that I'm going to be moving over to the newsletter, such as the longer analysis piece that will lead off the Monday edition. But most of the rest of each week's newsletter will be new stuff, including a recruiting nugget or two, a look at the major storylines affecting each Pac-12 team, a look ahead to the Cougars' next opponent, recaps of the week in WSU non-revenue sports, and maybe some other stuff I haven't thought of yet.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please sign up below. You'll rarely get more than those two emails a week from me, so you don't have to worry about me clogging up your inbox. And I'm using Mail Chimp as my service provider, so if you hate Cougar Sports Weekly or don't find it useful to you, unsubscribing will be easy, as well.

I'm also going to be up-front about my intent with this: My goal is to eventually turn it into a paid subscription service. However, I don't know exactly when that will be, and I'm certainly not taking any kind of payment information now, so I'm hoping you'll see this as sort of a no-lose proposition. 

A lot of you have asked over the years how you can repay us for all the work we do here at CougCenter. This is one of those ways, as the honest truth is that I need you guys to help me work out the early kinks while hopefully providing you some value in return. I also will be working on making the product strong enough for people to find value in a paid subscription, and I can only do that with feedback from actual subscribers.

Thanks for taking the time to consider signing up and sharing this with your friends. If you have questions, please feel free to post them in the comments below or shoot me an email at admin(at)cougarsportsweekly(dot)com.

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