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WSU FOOTBALL PREVIEWS: Tight Ends...Wait, What is a Tight End?

One catch, four yards, one touchdown. Those are the receiving totals from WSU tight ends in 2010.

Unless you were one of the 26,356 people who attended the Montana State game last year, you likely haven't seen a WSU tight end catch a pass in a game since Skylar Stormo hauled in a 20-yard reception in week ten of the 2009 season.

WSU quarterbacks combined to attempt 383 passes in 2010 and three were intended for tight ends. Maybe this is just part of Todd Sturdy's diabolical master plan.

Wulff: Gee, Todd, what are we going to do today?

Sturdy: The same thing we do every game, Paul. Try to eliminate the tight end!

2010 Depth Chart

Skylar Stormo (RsSO), Andrei Lintz (RsSO), Aaron Gehring (RsSR)

2011 Depth Chart

Andrei Lintz (RsJR), Aaron Dunn (RsFR)

The 2010 group had a major advantage in the name category. Stormo's switch to defensive end really hurts the 2011 group there. However, nice job of Aaron Dunn stepping up in 2011 to fill the "Aaron" requirement.

Seriously though, if the 2011 tight ends fail to outproduce the 2010 group it's because Sturdy finally had enough and just started playing six offensive linemen. Dunn was highly ranked by recruiting services coming out of high school. He has potential, but I haven't seen much written about him during fall camp. Lintz caught a touchdown pass in the first scrimmage, so we have confirmed he is alive and has functioning hands.